Incepture Print Solutions

Incepture Print Solutions is a Jacksonville-based print and mail fulfillment affiliate of GuideWell Group, Inc. Formed in 2012 when the parent company made a strategic decision to transform the asset from a cost center to a viable company specializing in print/mail services in the highly regulated healthcare and compatible markets.

We serve healthcare, financial, and insurance customers across 15 states. We produce more than 400 million pages and 90 million mailed items annually from our state-of-the-art 77,000 square foot facility; one of the largest commercial print-to-mail operations in North Florida. We combine industry knowledge and the latest technology to deliver high quality documents from virtually any type of print stream available. We also process most types of mail, folded or flat, giving our customers flexibility unequaled in the industry.

The technology in our industry has undergone dramatic change. The advent of the White Paper Factory, specialized composition software, and processing management controls has replaced the labor intensive and inventory laden processing of the past. This automation not only improves productivity but also avoids the industry average 9% error rate for manual processing. The result is lower cost and higher quality (both in output and compliance).

The question becomes “can your company afford to overspend and assume the risk of legacy technologies or invest in the hardware, software and talent to build and operate the new technology? Or, is it time to align with a partner with proven success in this industry?”

We offer lower costs, the best postage rates, high quality output, exceptional compliance capability and hands on customer service.