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The Windshield

by Incepture June 14, 2013 09:47

I like to do a lot of thinking and reflecting when I’m driving; driving is my time to unwind and quiet my mind.  I tend to have epiphanies and a few months back I thought isn’t it interesting that the windshield window of my car is so much bigger than the rear-view mirror? It may sound silly, but stay with me here; it developed into such a great metaphor for everyday life and it made so much sense to me!

I began to ponder at the experiences in all areas of my life, the person I was, who I’ve become in the process and the person I am working on being. The past couple of years have been filled with much personal development and it brought on so many opportunities which have made me a person of a very high awareness. I’ve truly enjoyed my journey and at times it hasn’t been easy for me to face or accept circumstances, but I did and for every time that I stretched myself I stepped in closer to the future me.

Then I thought about people that whine and aren’t as teachable to learn and let go. Isn’t it amazing how many times people speak about their past or retell their stories? They are stuck in their past not focusing on what they truly want or who they want to become as a result of their experiences. There really aren’t any bad or good experiences; experiences in life are what make us grow, it gives us clarity, teaches us character and so much more.  Experiences are meant for us to learn, let go, move on and focus on our dreams.

So there it is friends, ask yourself how much time you spend talking about the past that no longer serves you and make the decision to create your future story. Focus on the now and on your future. Look in your rear-view mirror as a point of reference and then keep your eyes straight ahead to the life you want to make and the person you need to become. Until next time…see you on the beaches of Sardignia!

Virginie - on Twitter @virginiemascia

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