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Adapting to change

by Incepture August 5, 2013 14:31

“The Only Thing That Is Constant Is Change -” Heraclitus

If you’re like me, life comes at you in all directions.  It’s crazy to think you can have it all figured out, or planned, only to realize what you thought was your path would be, is no longer.  This summer for me has been one of those game changers.   And while I can become stressed, as I’m sure most of us do, it is important to be flexible and adaptive whether it is in our personal lives or careers.   

It is only when we are able to take a reflective step back that we are able to accept change.   Obviously this is easier said than done, but handling change constructively will positively impact your life and career in the future.

Consider this list below for dealing with changing circumstances:

1.   Stop, think and reflect. Give yourself time to truly analyze the situation. View actions and circumstances from different perspectives and sides to try and accurately understand what has happened. If people are involved, communicate as this will help you to make informed rationale choices.

2.   Remain true to yourself.  Never compromise your beliefs, even if it is convenient or seems like the only way at the time.

3.   Prepare for constant learning. As change is the constant in all of our lives, welcome the challenges as a chance to grow and acquire new tools and skills.

4.   Dream your dreams and go for it! Your dreams cannot become your reality if you don’t allow yourself to dream; so plan, work hard and have the confidence that they will come true.

5.   Be patient. Remember that turning change into success most likely will not happen overnight. Having faith that your spiritual source, mind and body are all working together toward your goals; will help you stay on track.

6.   Help others. While you may be going through change, which can be scary, there are always others who are facing change as well.  Take this opportunity to act selflessly, as it is through helping others that we truly grow and succeed.


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